Market Adaptive Portfolio


Here’s a Bit of News: Risk Is Not Just About You

Welcome to IRA/401K MAP, where making your retirement portfolio grow is our number one concern. We focus on the concept of a Market Adaptive Portfolio. What is that? A Market Adaptive Portfolio utilizes risk triggers that monitor the market trends and adapts the holdings for the most profitability.

But wait. We don’t trade securities. So how does this work?

We provide a system–the Safety First System (SFS)–that is customized to the options you have in your 401K or IRA that you manage yourself. WARNING: If you just want to gripe about the statements you get every quarter and don’t want to do anything about it, OUR SYSTEM IS NOT FOR YOU.


If you are the type of investor that actively manages your retirement accounts and long-term investments, the Safety First System could be just what you’re looking for. You have nothing to lose. We offer a 90-day trial that you can use to track a “phantom” investment pool (or your real one if you wish.) We have no doubt that your portfolio will increase in value even in the short term.