People always have questions about our Safety First System. Here are some that we answer on a regular basis. If yours isn’t answered here, switch to our Contact Us page and ask away. We’ll answer you directly and also post the question and answer here.

How does the system know my funds?

The system doesn’t automatically read your mind to find your funds. You initially have to tell us what your funds are. In most cases, that involves sending us a list of funds available from your IRA or 401K provider. If you have set up your own IRA and have access to all Exchange Traded Funds, you will use our Open ETF list. We will create a list for you so that the Safety First System generates valid fund recommendations for you. Keep in mind that only public fund changes will be made automatically. If your provider drops or adds funds, SFS will not know that unless you tell us.

If you have a company-sponsored plan with particular funds available, we will create a list for that fund group. If you have co-workers who already subscribe, your fund choices will be available in that list (for example: ‘Acme Corporation 401K Fund.’)

See our Current Group & Plans here.

How often is the system updated?

The Safety First System is updated at least weekly. It is also updated when certain events occur, such as a sudden shift in market conditions or a political or financial event that updates the status of risk triggers.